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BVM started more than 20 years ago in the Vaartstraat in Leuven.

A strong foundation was laid here for the current BVM Vastgoed, in terms of the sale, rental and management of buildings.


Since 2012, under the leadership of Christophe Van Eyck and Denis Verstreken, owners and directors, a new course has been set.

The offices were moved to L. Vanderkelenstraat 22 in 3000 Leuven and were given a completely new look with a new logo and house style.

In addition, our team was strengthened with a number of competent commercial, administrative and technical employees.


In 2022 there is again reinforcements, Christophe and Denis hand over the torch to a number of strong real estate entrepreneurs. the management department will come under the strong wings of 'De Syndicus' and will thus become part of a trustee community with 5 offices.

BVM Vastgoed will remain located in the heart of Leuven and under the leadership of Jo Verhofstadt and Nathalie Boels, the real estate branch is preparing to become the market leader in Leuven. Nathalie and Jo are no novices in real estate and manage 5 other real estate offices in addition to BVM Vastgoed.
The offices of BVM Vastgoed, near the M Museum, guarantee great visibility and accessibility, within walking distance of the Ladeuze car park.
With a passage of thousands of pedestrians per day, your property for sale or rental is permanently in the spotlight here.

Today, we remain fully committed to a fresh perspective on real estate, in which our customers are always central.

Our strengths

Personal guidance, correct communication, years of experience in the field of sales, rental and management of residences as a property manager. Very extensive network of private customers, investors, financiers and promoters.

We want to be the reference and aim for better service, better communication AND greater customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

BVM Vastgoed aims to be the reference in the sale, rental and management of real estate.

By providing correct, professional and dedicated service, we build a confidential and long-term relationship with our customers.

Our values

The customer is king

The relationship with our customers is based on trust by maintaining an open relationship with them. By entering into a partnership, we continuously strive for a win-win situation for both parties.
With an enthusiastic drive, we always do our very best and we continuously try to improve our services in order to guarantee continuity in the long term.
You can rely on us to do the right thing, with honesty and our professional ethics.
Dear employees
We always make sure to have the best people on board, develop their competencies, offer them opportunities and always inspire them to live up to our values.
Collaboration / Teamwork

We work together for one goal: to keep our customers optimally satisfied.

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